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Saxty Engineering Ltd has been providing quality stainless steel fabrication services for air conditioning, extraction and fresh air systems, ductwork, kitchen canopies, splash backs, work surfaces, ventilation systems etc. for over 20 years now. We deliver cost effective solutions across Cornwall and Devon from our workshops in Perranporth, Cornwall.

Each one of our products is created with a craftsmans attention to detail. As soon as a project is designed, costed and approved, its production is passed on from our technical department to our workshop via a computer network. Then, steel templates are generated on the new-age ‘plasma cutting beds’. This process ensures the absolute precision of every product and the most cost-effective steel lay-up.

- Useful advice on extraction and ventilation systems

- Customised kitchen extraction canopies and ductwork systems

- System upgrades

- Stainless steel tables, shelves, cladding and more

- Design, fabrication and installation of all types of ventilation systems and more!

- Urgent fan or controller replacements

- Service and maintenance to extract fans and ventilation systems across

  Cornwall and Devon                    

- Replacement Air Filters and Baffle Filters

A glimpse into our production process!

Some of the ways we can help


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